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Feb 6, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >>> the dot com hiring boom is back. the growth is not just high-tech. the technology hiring is having a ripple effect fuelling a sunge in -- surge in construction too. and that means materials are needed and a workforce to supply them. >> reporter: from garden to paint to home improvement. home depot is hire other in a big way. the company announced it's increased its annual seasonal hire big 14% to 80,000 -- hiring by 14% to 80,000 employees nationwide, 1,500 right here. hiring manager jessica miller says it's much needed. >> people are doing more landscaping, starting to build more outside and around their house. >> reporter: good for the economy and the job market. >> i'd be surprised if they get the word out. they don't get five, ten applicants for each job. >> reporter: labor experts say 1,500 jobs from one employer is extremely rare n. home depot's case, it's due to the housing rebound. he warns the real estate boom doesn't necessarily translate to a rebound in construction. >> construction employment is on the upside. it's still far below what it was five years ago, but it is s
Feb 3, 2013 10:00pm PST
technology to the next level. the new bridge will use 48,000 high intensity l.e.d. lamps, individually aimed to avoid glare for drivers. l.e.d.s use less energy and predicted to last up to 15 years compared to lamps on the western span, which have to be replaced every two years or so. >> i think it's going to be a much more even light out here. it actually makes it a lot safer. >> reporter: when you see the lights go on september 3 for the first time, what's that going to feel like? >> yeah, it'll be a big relief. >> reporter: so the lights are a part of the story here tonight. our shots from above had just shown the beauty of this bridge from a way that you'll begin to see as things roll out in the months to come. one of the things that's happening tonight and there you're getting a look of it. the old bay bridge, the iconic western span of the bay bridge. this bay bridge light project is something folks have been working on. you'll begin to see these l.e.d. lights hanging from the suspender cables on the bridge. san francisco residence have noticed a test of this on recent nights. one guy
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2